This week the challenge was Alcohol so I wasn’t really sure what to make. Somewhere in the week we decided we were going to finally use our slow cooker, and since we had a lot of chicken this is what we made. I’ve never used a slow cooker before so I wasn’t sure how they worked. I didn’t really know what I was doing so I just started adding stuff. I put in 1 bottle of Magic Hat beer, some raw chicken tenders and a bunch of spices that I though would be good.  To read the rest of the process and see more pictures visit SeptemberLoveStory.


The Challenge was Pan Frying this week, which happens to be the same week as Liz’s Birthday. When I asked her what she wanted she said breakfast in bed so I figured I would kill two birds with one stone. I didn’t get to make it for breakfast because we went away but I had already planned it for the challenge so we ate pancakes for dinner. The recipe I used is from  http://www.recipegirl.com/2011/03/01/cinnamon-roll-pancakes/.  Make sure to visit www.septemberlovestory.com for the full write up and the rest of the pictures.

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Week 3 – Soup: Corn Chowder


This week the challenge was soup. Liz suggested corn chowder so that is what we decided on. I’ve never made corn chowder or any other chowder so this was a new endeavor. Again I used www.SeriousEats.com as a starting point. I read through their recipe and write to get an idea of what goes into a chowder and how to get a creamy thick chowder. Make sure to check out www.SeptemberLove Story.com for the full write up and the rest of the pictures.

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Week 2 – Chinese: Egg Rolls


This week the challenge was Chinese. I had planned on making a whole meal with different appetizers but Liz was gone most of the week and worked the weekend. I didn’t really want to do all that work for nothing. I decided to just do egg rolls instead. I had never made them before so it was interesting. Make sure to visit www.septemberlovestory.com for the full write up and the rest of the pictures.

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Week 1 – Eggs: Egg Benedict

Liz and I are starting a 52 week cooking challenge to give us some more motivation to cook at home. Each week there is a new challenge and this week the challenge was eggs.

We made everything from scratch. We started the process last night making the english muffins. If you haven’t made english muffins before, you have to give it a try. It is so easy and they taste amazing.

The hardest thing to make was definitely the hollandaise sauce. I’ve never made it before and I’ve read about how difficult it is to get a smooth consistency. Fortunately I had Liz to help me with the pouring of the butter allowing me to focus on whisking furiously. All in all it came out very good and complimented the dish very well.

We plan on keeping up with the challenge every week so look forward to next week: Chinese. Have a good day!

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Sailboat Again

I haven’t updated in a very very long time. School is no fun. Hopefully I should be able to shoot again soon and have some new content ready to go. I’ve still got a few images I haven’t posted to keep it going for a bit. Enjoy.

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Boat Dock

There is an island across the water from the las picture called San Giorgio, and on this island is a church with a bell tower and it’s awesome. The view from the tower is the best in Venice as you get to see the whole island. This is the dock of San Giorgio and some of the sailboats docked there.

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Venice Night

This is right in front of the Piazo San Marco and over looks the canal where all the cruise ships come into town….to the right is also the start of the grand canal. This was taken after some night shooting in the plaza and on the walk home I took a few pictures…this was on of them.

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New Editing Technique

I started watching a new podcast that shows different tutorials every week and I’ve already learned so much. PhotoshopUserTV is really awesome. This is one of the techniques I learned to do and I think the outcomes look really cool. I think these images would work very well as photo album covers such as a wedding. Anyway these are the my first three that I did as soon as I learned it.

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When I first got my 50D, I wanted to take pictures with it so badly that I just drove to the airport and snapped a few pictures to test it. I had also just gotten my new tripod so it was a good time to test the auto bracketing capability of the new setup. I got a couple of different pictures and this is on of them. My goal was to get the moon in the picture but it doesn’t look as big and grand as I was hoping…oh well the picture is still okay.