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Posted on 8 Apr 2010 In: Gettysburg, HDR


Back in the old days of gun fighting, before rifled barrels, soldiers would line up in a formation that would send lead balls down the battlefield in groups. If they all shot at once it would be like a makeshift shotgun scattering bullets in all directions hoping once makes contact. Crazy how far technology progress […]

Posted on 5 Apr 2010 In: Hershey


Since Klaus decided to wake up 4 hours late, we never made it to Hershey Park in time to go into the park. Luckily there was the fake factory tour with singing cows to hold us over. Even more luckily there was a huge candy store outside the theme park in which we indulged. They […]

Posted on 30 Mar 2010 In: Gettysburg, HDR


While walking around Gettysburg on foot this was one of the sites we got too. We had arrived in Gettysburg late the previous night and went to the grounds even though they were closed. It was hard to see and navigate without a map but one of the things we managed to find was cannons […]

Posted on 29 Mar 2010 In: Philadelphia

Arriving in Philly

Road Trip 2009 with Klaus and I was based around going to Philadelphia and running up the Rocky steps. This was the whole reason for the trip. Klaus had been Rocky for Halloween too so he had a good Rocky costume we were going to use. Well since we were going to Hershey and Gettysburg we decided Philly would be a […]

Posted on 15 Mar 2010 In: Gettysburg, HDR

Gettysburg Cross

This was one of the cool monuments at Gettysburg. Klaus and I drove the grounds taking pictures of pretty much everything we saw as we drove. I’m pretty sure we rarely stopped except at the big monuments and I’m pretty sure we stopped for this one because I purposely remember framing the cross to the […]

Posted on 8 Mar 2010 In: Gettysburg, HDR

Texas 1st

This was the Texas 1st Infantry reenactment from the civil war in Gettysburg, PA. I don’t know why they called themselves that but anyway. Klaus and I had spent the night in Gettysburg during mini road trip 2009 and the next day went to look through the grounds of Gettysburg.  As we were driving we saw this theater […]