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Posted on 21 Nov 2010 In: Clone, Venice


One of the coolest parts of Venice was the Giardini or garden. It was at one end of the island and it was just a getaway and completely different from the rest of Venice. It was a huge park and garden where parents could take kids and anyone could go to relax. Venice being a island created […]

Posted on 19 Apr 2010 In: Clone, Worcester

Frisbee Golf

Endi and I decided to try the Newton Hill golf course for the first time. this weekend. To our surprise the course is very varied and has a good mix of long and short holes. All was fun until the last hole where I totally lost it and Endi took the lead. The photo above […]

Posted on 10 Mar 2010 In: Clone, Worcester

Snowboard Fail

In front of my house there is an elementary school that is on a slight hill.  Well, during winter break Endi and I decided to build a jump and practice 180s and try to learn a 360. The picture above sums up how the day went. We had a lot of fun and the jump […]