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Posted on 11 Nov 2010 In: HDR, Washington DC

House in DC

This was one of my first HDR pictures. I don’t know why I took so long to post this but here it is. The picture is of a small little house on a scenic road just outside of DC. We first thought it was abandoned so Klaus’s first reaction was to do pull-ups on the balcony, but […]

Posted on 24 Mar 2010 In: HDR, Washington DC

The Green Canals

On our way to DC we somehow took the most scenic road of the trip. Everything we passed was really cool and along most of the road was a canal that followed us almost the whole way into the city. We eventually found a spot to stop and this is what it looked like. Though hard to see […]

Posted on 21 Mar 2010 In: Washington DC

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

This was the first picture of Washigton DC. I couldn’t decide if I wanted a picture of the white house or not because it was so cliche. I took pictures of the white house obviously but I decided to post this one instead. I think it’s a cool angle and like the picture.

Posted on 19 Mar 2010 In: HDR, Washington DC

Washington Monument

After walking all day through the blistering heat, we had almost made it to the Lincoln Memorial and this is what we saw looking back. It’s impressive to see this across the water. At this point Klaus and I were so sweaty because of the heat. but the shade of the lincoln memorial was a […]

Posted on 12 Mar 2010 In: HDR, Washington DC

Arlington National

On the last day of Mini Road Trip 2009 we found ourselves in Washington DC for the day. At this point we still had not been too Philly to see the Rocky steps which spurred the whole road trip in the first place. We had a plan to see all the monuments eat and get […]