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Posted on 15 Apr 2010 In: Panorama, Rockport

Rockport Pano

When Liz and I first got Rockport we stopped in the town to take a look around. We were not prepared for the 40 mph gusts on the coast. As I was taking this Panorama, My tripod almost fell over into the ocean due to the wind. Luckily Liz was there to save it. You […]

Posted on 23 Mar 2010 In: Boston, Panorama

Boats Panorama

This was a panorama of the Charles River looking into Cambridge Massachusetts. One of the other gems from Rob and I’s bike rides through Boston

Posted on 18 Mar 2010 In: Boston, HDR, Panorama

Charles River Panorama

This while out bike riding with Rob along the Charles. There is a very cool bike path that goes pretty far. One day when Rob and I were riding, we found some park somewhere and there was tons of people playing volleyball. I wanted to play but Rob didn’t so I didn’t. As we continued […]