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Posted on 20 Nov 2010 In: Roanoke

Matt’s Wedding

This was from the Mother + Son dance during Matt and Aly’s reception in Roanoke, Virginia this past summer. I like this picture because of the natural backdrop and how well the colors work. Also, this will be the new frame I use for my photos from now on. I hope you like it.

Posted on 20 Apr 2010 In: Lynchburg


EJ is the name of Matt and Aly’s cat. It is a stray they picked out of the tons of strays in their neighborhood, but EJ isn’t just any normal cat. It is the only cat in the world that likes being around water. Whenever Matt turns on the faucet in the bathroom, no matter […]

Posted on 12 Apr 2010 In: Arlington, HDR


While driving to Virginia for Steve’s Wedding, Liz and I stopped at a few places along the way. One of those places was Arlington National Cemetery. This was one of the pictures Liz took. She was experimenting with the 50mm Macro Lens at F2.8 which produced the photo above.

Posted on 2 Apr 2010 In: B&W, Lynchburg

Steve and Priscilla

Steve and Priscilla had their reception in the fellowship hall at Liberty University. You would think it would be easy to find with the town build around the college. Turns out there are rules that all residents know but Liz and I weren’t aware of. Apparently one of those rules is that if you see a train […]

Posted on 31 Mar 2010 In: HDR, Lorum

Lorum Caverns

On or way home from the Wedding, Liz and I passed billboards for various caverns for about 100 miles while driving up Virginia. We decided that we should stop at one because it might be interesting. Well it turned out to be very cool and it was a self guided tour so we rushed through […]