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Posted on 21 May 2010 In: HDR, Venice

Group Shot (Don Orionne)

If you are wondering what this great location is, you are in luck. This is the Don Orionne Monastary in Venice Italy…Our hotel for the trip. The terrace we are standing on is down the hall from our rooms so this is the view we have from out windows. Right over that tree to the […]

Posted on 16 May 2010 In: HDR, Venice


On the island of San Giorgio there was a semi forest you could see from the clock tower. When we finished fooling around at the top of the clock tower we decided to go look for the forest. Unfortunately we couldn’t get to it but on the walk I saw this colorful….thing. I thought it would make a […]

Posted on 15 May 2010 In: B&W, HDR, Venice

Canal Boat

As you walk around Venice, you can’t help but notice that vast number of boats you see. They are all shapes and size, but the one thing that a lot of the boats have is this awesome bright blue somewhere. I saw a similar picture in a postcard so I wanted to recreate it. I […]

Posted on 13 May 2010 In: HDR, Venice

Statue Over Venice

This is taken from one of the islands off of Venice on the island of San Girogio. There is a bell tower on the island which gives a great view of Venice. Unfortunately there is a bell in the bell tower and it decided to go off while we were up there so it was a little […]

Posted on 12 May 2010 In: HDR, Venice

Venice Taxi

These are the Taxis that you see all over Venice to travel. Luckily All of the students have Vaparetto Passes so we have infinite rides on the water bus and don’t have to take the expensive taxi. It’s pretty fun travelling around on the Vaparetto and seeing Venice from the Water. You can get to […]

Posted on 11 May 2010 In: HDR, Venice

Group Shot (San Giorgio)

These are some of the other students of the Study Abroad Group. It’s not everyone but we dubbed ourselves team 7 due to the original 7 contributing members. Some of the rules of team 7 are: We are awesome, we don’t make decisions, we got lost often, we are dead end gps machines, and we are awesome….among […]

Posted on 10 May 2010 In: HDR, Venice


This is one of the sailboats outside of our hotel. On our way from the airport I saw this and finally made use of my wide angle lens. I was able to fit almost the entire sail into the picture.

Posted on 9 May 2010 In: HDR, Venice


This was one of the first monuments I saw on our boat ride to Venice from the airport. As you can see the buildings are just what you would expect in Venice. The churches are all amazing from what I’ve seen so far. You will see more soon.

Posted on 8 May 2010 In: B&W, HDR, Venice

Water Highway

One of the first things we encountered after getting out of the airport was the shuttle to Venice and the water highway.  Anything you find with cars in a normal city, they have with boats in Venice. The highway was a two lane strip outlined by these pillars. Boats would pass each other and go […]