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Posted on 12 Dec 2010 In: HDR, Verona

Locks of Love

In Italy, locks are a representation of Love and I assume that is where the term comes from. No where is this more apparent than in Verona where supposedly the house of Juliet is. This photo is behind a bronze statue of Juliet in a courtyard where Romeo gives his speech while she is in the balcony. […]

Posted on 14 Oct 2010 In: HDR, Verona

Audi R8

While walking around Verona I noticed that a lot of people had very nice cars driving on cobblestone roads…it must be nice to be rich enough to have a quarter million dollar car and not care about what you do it.  This was at the food festival while we were in Verona. It’s HDR and […]

Posted on 12 Oct 2010 In: Verona

Feet over Verona

While in Venice, we used our weekends to travel to different parts of Italy outside of Venice. One of the trips was to the northern town of Verona. We picked the perfect weekend to go, the weather was perfect and there was a food festival that weekend! Once filling up on the local handmade ravioli […]