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Posted on 24 Mar 2010 In: HDR, Washington DC

The Green Canals

On our way to DC we somehow took the most scenic road of the trip. Everything we passed was really cool and along most of the road was a canal that followed us almost the whole way into the city. We eventually found a spot to stop and this is what it looked like. Though hard to see […]

Posted on 20 Mar 2010 In: HDR, Rockport


While in Rockport with Liz, I knew I wanted to take some shots of the waves. I wanted to do some long exposure shots to see the movement but the landscape was very rocky so it was hard to set up a tripod and on top of that it was extremely sunny so it was […]

Posted on 19 Mar 2010 In: HDR, Washington DC

Washington Monument

After walking all day through the blistering heat, we had almost made it to the Lincoln Memorial and this is what we saw looking back. It’s impressive to see this across the water. At this point Klaus and I were so sweaty because of the heat. but the shade of the lincoln memorial was a […]

Posted on 18 Mar 2010 In: Boston, HDR, Panorama

Charles River Panorama

This while out bike riding with Rob along the Charles. There is a very cool bike path that goes pretty far. One day when Rob and I were riding, we found some park somewhere and there was tons of people playing volleyball. I wanted to play but Rob didn’t so I didn’t. As we continued […]

Posted on 17 Mar 2010 In: Boston, HDR

U.S.S. Constitution

This past 4th of July I had my first summer semester so I was living in Boston.  Some friend from Worcester have a tradition of spending the day in Boston and camping on the Charles to get a good spot for the fireworks. This past year our spot was amazing. Right in front of the […]

Posted on 16 Mar 2010 In: Boston, HDR


This is a top down view of Storrow Drive in Boston, Ma on any given day. Rob and I rode our bikes around quite frequently over the summer finding things to do and just riding for fun. On this night we went out bike riding to try and find cool things to shoot. Since I […]

Posted on 15 Mar 2010 In: Gettysburg, HDR

Gettysburg Cross

This was one of the cool monuments at Gettysburg. Klaus and I drove the grounds taking pictures of pretty much everything we saw as we drove. I’m pretty sure we rarely stopped except at the big monuments and I’m pretty sure we stopped for this one because I purposely remember framing the cross to the […]

Posted on 14 Mar 2010 In: HDR, Rockport

Rockport Skyline

When we first got to Rockport on our Valentine’s Day trip. we parked in the town to look around. It was very windy that day, and being right on the coast made it exponentially more windy. We were not prepared for the wind chill on the ledge where this picture was taken. The tripod almost […]

Posted on 13 Mar 2010 In: HDR, Rockport

Beach Bush

I took this without looking through the viewfinder so it took me a couple tries to get something I could use. This was on the beach in Rockport. The part of the beach we went to was covered in huge boulders and rocks from the nearby Quarry and this bush was coming out of the […]

Posted on 12 Mar 2010 In: HDR, Washington DC

Arlington National

On the last day of Mini Road Trip 2009 we found ourselves in Washington DC for the day. At this point we still had not been too Philly to see the Rocky steps which spurred the whole road trip in the first place. We had a plan to see all the monuments eat and get […]