On the last day of Mini Road Trip 2009 we found ourselves in Washington DC for the day. At this point we still had not been too Philly to see the Rocky steps which spurred the whole road trip in the first place. We had a plan to see all the monuments eat and get in about 6 hours or so. This worked out fine aside from Klaus wasting time with unimportant things. Eventually we left DC 2 hours later than we wanted but at least we ate pizza at Luigi’s. Anyway I was already upset that we were running late and on the way out Klaus decides we should stop at Arlington National…great more time wasted. Well I had no idea how big this¬†cemetery¬†is and Klaus wanted to see everything. Eventually I convinced him to leave even though according to him we didn’t see any of the good tombstones. At least I got a cool picture out of it.

The picture is a single exposure HDR tone mapped in Photomatix and touched up in Photoshop.