This was the Texas 1st Infantry reenactment from the civil war in Gettysburg, PA. I don’t know why they called themselves that but anyway. Klaus and I had spent the night in Gettysburg during mini road trip 2009 and the next day went to look through the grounds of Gettysburg.  As we were driving we saw this theater looking cement structure so we pulled in to investigate. As we were looking a couple of SUVs puled in and men dressed in civil war gear started pouring out. Turns out they volunteers were doing a reenactment for the next hour. Pretty lucky being at the right place at the right time. Since we were the only tourists there at that point we took some pictures with the crew and asked them a few questions. This was the formation they took while the enemy was charging through the fields. Since muskets are not accurate having a group shooting at the same place ensured that at least one round would hit.

This picture was achieved by using Photomatix on a single Raw file to achieve the HDR look. Then Photoshop was used for the finishing touches.