This while out bike riding with Rob along the Charles. There is a very cool bike path that goes pretty far. One day when Rob and I were riding, we found some park somewhere and there was tons of people playing volleyball. I wanted to play but Rob didn’t so I didn’t. As we continued riding though this park we saw a huge boathouse looking building and it said Northeastern on it with the appropriate logo. Turns out Northeaster’s crew team has a sweet boathouse out somewhere west of Boston where they can hang out. It was pretty big too and very nice looking.

The shot above was my first try at a HDR Panorama.  You have to click the picture to see the full Panorama. I took 3 exposure of each segment and combined each segment into a tonemapped HDR using Photomatix. I then used the photomerge tool in Photoshop to combine them. Once I had the long panorama I did the finishing touches so it all looked consistent in each segment.