Road Trip 2009 with Klaus and I was based around going to Philadelphia and running up the Rocky steps. This was the whole reason for the trip. Klaus had been Rocky for Halloween too so he had a good Rocky costume we were going to use. Well since we were going to Hershey and Gettysburg we decided Philly would be a stop on our way back home….You can probably guess what happened, We spent too much time in Washington DC and didn’t get to Philly until 10:00PM Sunday night. Although this was a setback it wasn’t going to stop us from visiting the steps. We parked somewhere in downtown and it turns out that we had parked right next to the constitution house or whatever it is. We looked around and saw the Liberty Bell from outside because it was closed. Then since we were in Philly we decided to get some cheese steak obviously. We each got one from Pat’s and from Geno’s…and Pats is the clear winner. It’s not even a competition. Pats even has a plaque of where Silvester Stallone got his cheese steak. After this we walked around for a while and then we left for our way home….Guess what we forgot to do…visit the Rocky steps. The whole reason for the road trip and we forgot to do it. We were so close too…Oh well, there’s always next year.