Steve and Priscilla had their reception in the fellowship hall at Liberty University. You would think it would be easy to find with the town build around the college. Turns out there are rules that all residents know but Liz and I weren’t aware of. Apparently one of those rules is that if you see a train then you take the back entrance. It turns out this a very good rule. We were stuck at the train crossing for almost 45 minutes and then even after the train passed, the stick things didn’t go up an the lights didn’t stop flashing. Eventually i got fed up and just went through the train tracks and didn’t listen to the warnings. We eventually found the fellowship hall 30 minutes late. The day went great from then on and the food was great!

To achieve the above effect I used Photoshop to brighten up the picture and touch it up. I then used Nik Color Efex to give it the antique film grain. To give it an more realistic grain I put a crinkled paper texture blended into the photo. And then I added the flower graphics texture as well to cover the empty space.