Dave has had a beach house for a few years and for some reason we couldn’t think of, this was our first time spending the weekend. Will and Klaus and Kosta came up as well and we just hung out. The first night got a little out of hand so we left the house to cool off. We got to the beach around 4:00 AM and hit the soccer ball around. I went back to the house to get my camera and when Kosta and I got back to the beach we saw Klaus’ and Will”s clothes hanging on the fence and both of them out in the water…obviously¬†stripping¬†down to our boxers and swimming was the next obvious step. Eventually the sun came out and we just stayed and watched it rise. Nothing better than a bunch of guys watching the sunset on the beach in their boxers….anyway it was fun weekend. This is one of the shots as the sun was rising of Klaus kicking a soccer ball.