I said you would be seeing photos from my final project in Italy soon and here is one of them. This was actually the photo that inspired the whole theme of my final. Outside of the Monastery we stayed there was a little garden the monk took care of an a stone pond with a few fish in it. The were also lily pads and a fountain in this little man made pond. On my way to class one day I noticed how the lily pad doesn’t absorb water…. the water just bubbles on the lily pad and falls off. Next thing I know, the tripod is set up, the remote shutter is ready and I’m snapping away as I throw water onto this thing. A few of the other students join me in trying different ways of setting up the shot and throwing different amounts of water on. This was my favorite shot because of how the lily pad fills the whole frame and the water becomes the foreground. Anyway, there it is….maybe I’ll post a few more from my final later so you can see how they tied together.