In Italy, locks are a representation of Love and I assume that is where the term comes from. No where is this more apparent than in Verona where supposedly the house of Juliet is. This photo is behind a bronze statue of Juliet in a courtyard where Romeo gives his speech while she is in the balcony. It was actually funny because touching the left breast of the statue was supposed to bring you good luck with love and so it was extremely worn out as an endless line of people took photos with it. Of course the whole idea of this actually being Juliet’s house was made up to attract tourists but that didn’t stop anyone and it was cool to see regardless. You wouldn’t believe how many people look for any help they can get when it comes to love. It was hard to leave due to the crowd. Maybe I’ll post a picture of the crowd sometime…this was the single most crowded place I went to in Italy by a significant margin.