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Locks of Love

In Italy, locks are a representation of Love and I assume that is where the term comes from. No where is this more apparent than in Verona where supposedly the house of Juliet is. This photo is behind a bronze statue of Juliet in a courtyard where Romeo gives his speech while she is in the balcony. It was actually funny because touching the left breast of the statue was supposed to bring you good luck with love and so it was extremely worn out as an endless line of people took photos with it. Of course the whole idea of this actually being Juliet’s house was made up to attract tourists but that didn’t stop anyone and it was cool to see regardless. You wouldn’t believe how many people look for any help they can get when it comes to love. It was hard to leave due to the crowd. Maybe I’ll post a picture of the crowd sometime…this was the single most crowded place I went to in Italy by a significant margin.

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I said you would be seeing photos from my final project in Italy soon and here is one of them. This was actually the photo that inspired the whole theme of my final. Outside of the Monastery we stayed there was a little garden the monk took care of an a stone pond with a few fish in it. The were also lily pads and a fountain in this little man made pond. On my way to class one day I noticed how the lily pad doesn’t absorb water…. the water just bubbles on the lily pad and falls off. Next thing I know, the tripod is set up, the remote shutter is ready and I’m snapping away as I throw water onto this thing. A few of the other students join me in trying different ways of setting up the shot and throwing different amounts of water on. This was my favorite shot because of how the lily pad fills the whole frame and the water becomes the foreground. Anyway, there it is….maybe I’ll post a few more from my final later so you can see how they tied together.

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One of the things I started doing in Venice was taking close up pictures and finally utilizing my macro lens. My final project was on abstract textures so I had to get really close to make things unrecognizable. I’ll post a few of my pictures from my final at some point on of them very soon. This photo was taken in Venice at the Giardini I talked about in an earlier post while walking to the hotel. Scott and I walked the whole island looking for things to shoot for our final and this was one of the unrelated photos that resulted from the walk.

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Beach Rocks

This was another one of the pictures from Rockport I never posted for some reason. I like how the colors turned out in this picture and the green color of the water. If you could see the unedited picture you would know why I like HDR so much, it completely transformed this picture.

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One of the coolest parts of Venice was the Giardini or garden. It was at one end of the island and it was just a getaway and completely different from the rest of Venice. It was a huge park and garden where parents could take kids and anyone could go to relax. Venice being a island created by the people, doesn’t have much greenery through out the island so it was pretty cool to have a different setting to take photographs in. This was one of my unused shots for the same story telling assignments a few posts back.

To achieve this, I puts the camera on a tripod and continuous shot. As Brian approached I started snapping away and then using masks i blended all the photos together in photoshop.

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Matt’s Wedding

This was from the Mother + Son dance during Matt and Aly’s reception in Roanoke, Virginia this past summer. I like this picture because of the natural backdrop and how well the colors work. Also, this will be the new frame I use for my photos from now on. I hope you like it.

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One of the assignments for the photo class was to make multi frame images that told a story. When shooting I planned a lot of the stories I planned on doing but during reviewing and editing, none of the planned ones looked as good as id liked. I randomly had this picture of shoes and a picture of Katie making a face and it reminded me of googly eyes when you want something.  This was the resulting triptych.

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House in DC

This was one of my first HDR pictures. I don’t know why I took so long to post this but here it is. The picture is of a small little house on a scenic road just outside of DC. We first thought it was abandoned so Klaus’s first reaction was to do pull-ups on the balcony, but we soon discovered someone definitely lived there. Oh well, they didn’t say anything and we just left.

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Rockport Flower

I’m finding lots of picture I never posted of the Rockport trip that I like. This one I especially like, because of the complementing colors. It really makes the red pop and just has a cool look to it.

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Quarry Bush

This was one of my favorite photos from my trip to Rockport with Liz. I like the way the colors turned out. Getting here was a little out of the way of the trail and from here we went in farther into the unknown. We eventually ended up on the beach and worked our way back to civilization…it was fun though.