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Senior Photos

Laura asked me if I would do her senior photos a little while back and these are the ones that I edited for Laura and Rebecca. The credit for the composition and poses goes Liz as she took the pictures and then I later did the editing. I like how they came out hopefully Laura and Rebecca did too.

These are just touched up in Photoshop.

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When I first bought my tripod I was really excited to use it so I drove behind Worcester airport to take some photos. I had driven by this bridge before and knew i wanted to photograph it, so this was a perfect oppurtunity. Unfortunatly it was really windy so i only grabbed a few photos but they still came out okay and i really really like my tripod.

Just a standard 3 exposure HDR tone mapped in Photomatix and touched up in Photoshop.

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Audi R8

While walking around Verona I noticed that a lot of people had very nice cars driving on cobblestone roads…it must be nice to be rich enough to have a quarter million dollar car and not care about what you do it.  This was at the food festival while we were in Verona.

It’s HDR and Nik filter to achieve the effect.

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My least favorite assignment in Italy was to do street shooting. This might not sound bad, but I hate taking pictures of people, and that is a main part of street shooting. A lot of my shooting was done at the hip or with the wireless remote so it wasn’t too obvious that I was taking pictures of strangers. After the doing the assignment…I hated my pictures so the for the next assignment we had a choice to do street shooting again or abstract. I gave it another go to hopefully get some better shots and this was one of them. Although it is from behind I’m pretty proud of this picture. It’s one of my favorites. It was taken in the residential part of Venice where not many tourists venture to, so I think it has a very real, believable, slice of life feel to it.

The photo is just touched up in Photoshop.

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Feet over Verona

While in Venice, we used our weekends to travel to different parts of Italy outside of Venice. One of the trips was to the northern town of Verona. We picked the perfect weekend to go, the weather was perfect and there was a food festival that weekend! Once filling up on the local handmade ravioli we started to walk around and explore. Much to our surprise there was a castle on a hill on the other side of town and it overlooked everything. Here you can see a few of us sitting on the wall just chillin…What else could you ask for?

The image is touched up in photoshop and a bi-color filter was added using Nik’s Color Efex.

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Klaus Silhouette

Dave has had a beach house for a few years and for some reason we couldn’t think of, this was our first time spending the weekend. Will and Klaus and Kosta came up as well and we just hung out. The first night got a little out of hand so we left the house to cool off. We got to the beach around 4:00 AM and hit the soccer ball around. I went back to the house to get my camera and when Kosta and I got back to the beach we saw Klaus’ and Will”s clothes hanging on the fence and both of them out in the water…obviously stripping down to our boxers and swimming was the next obvious step. Eventually the sun came out and we just stayed and watched it rise. Nothing better than a bunch of guys watching the sunset on the beach in their boxers….anyway it was fun weekend. This is one of the shots as the sun was rising of Klaus kicking a soccer ball.

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Rob is taking the photo basics class at Northeastern so on his first week we just kinda went out through Boston shooting, even though he didn’t have the camera yet. This was one of the pictures I took in front of the Boston Public Library.

It is a single shot long exposure HDR. When you convert a night shot into HDR it creates a lot of noise so I used a smoothing filter to make it cleaner.

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Venice Canal

Venice is just how you would expect it, every corner you turn and alley you walk down, this is the site you are greeted with. Our first day there we took a walk around and all I could think of this is exactly how you see Venice in the movies. Enjoy.

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St. Mark’s Square B&W

One of the biggest attractions when visiting Venice is St. Mark’s Cathedral nestled inside of the square. The full body of St. Mark, as in the Gospel writer Mark, are buried here so it is a very prominent pilgrimage site in the Catholic community. The church is amazing but that’s not what this post is about. On rare occasion when the tide is high, the square of St. Mark, floods and we were lucky enough to be there during one of the night floodings. This is very early in the flood, but at it’s peak there is almost a foot of water in some parts. It’s definitely something I recommend waiting for if you are visiting Venice.

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This is another one of the long exposure shots I took over Storrow Drive in Boston. My original plan was to have a two tone dark sepia tone and then make the red of the tail lights show in red to give them more pop but then when I finished it, I didn’t like how it looked. I did however like just the sepia so I kept it. Maybe one day I will post the other version.