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Quarry from the Ice

As you can probably tell, it was very cold in Rockport on February 14th. I was hesitant to go on the ice at first but I knew once I stepped foot on it that there was no way it was buckling. It was at least a foot thick. I took this picture by putting the camera right on the ice and snapping a few. It was a little bit of trial and error getting the exposure right because I couldn’t see the settings on my Rebel Xsi, fortunately I upgraded to the 50D which has the top view of the settings.

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Snowboard 180

Here is an HDR of Endi attempting a 180. As per usual with any picture of Endi, he fails at it. Luckily we don’t see that but readers of the blog know the truth. This is how we practiced before we found the mini terrain park at Wachusett Mountain.

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Mount Toby

Klaus and I went on a photo hike to a col mountain he knew about. My sister and her roommate joined us for the hike. True to Klaus he wasn’t really sure where it was so we just drove around for about 30 minutes until we eventually found the parking lot….like the sketchiest parking lot in existence. Anyway, the mountain was pretty cool. It had a waterfall and some cool rocks to climb, but the main feature was supposed to be the view from the fire tower at the top. We eventually made it to the top and discovered that someone was working so we couldn’t go all the way to the top but we didn’t miss much. The tallest buildings in view were at the UMASS campus but it was a gorgeous day so you could see for miles. The wind made it impossible to stay up there for long though.

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Lonely Tree

I wonder how cities and towns get their name and who gets to decide what a place is called. For example, who came up with Worcester for a city name??? Well, one place I know for sure how it got it’s name. One look at the beach and you can see why this place is called Rockport. Every inch of beach is covered with giant boulders from the nearby quarry. While scouring the beach I saw this tree struggling to survive where you wouldn’t expect. Although looking at the tree, I don’t know if I would call it surviving.

The photo is a 3 shot HDR tone mapped using Photomatix and touched up in Photoshop.

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EJ is the name of Matt and Aly’s cat. It is a stray they picked out of the tons of strays in their neighborhood, but EJ isn’t just any normal cat. It is the only cat in the world that likes being around water. Whenever Matt turns on the faucet in the bathroom, no matter where in the House EJ is, he runs to the faucet and starts drinking and playing with the water. Awesome cat.

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Frisbee Golf

Endi and I decided to try the Newton Hill golf course for the first time. this weekend. To our surprise the course is very varied and has a good mix of long and short holes. All was fun until the last hole where I totally lost it and Endi took the lead. The photo above is from the top of Newton Hill on hole 14 or so. It seemed like a good idea to get picture like this until Endi missed the putt but due to my editing skills we don’t know that he missed.

The photo above is done by taking multiple pictures from the same position and then masking the frisbee from each picture onto a single frame. The photo is touched up in Photoshop and has some Nik filters applied.

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I knew ever since I started taking pictures that I loved macro photography….eventually I bought my first macro lens, the Sigma 50mm F2.8. The photo above is one of the photos from that macro lens. It has been hard to utilize it in the winter so the photos have been from inside, but now that I have a flash to compliment the lens you should be seeing a lot more of it.

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Rockport Pano

When Liz and I first got Rockport we stopped in the town to take a look around. We were not prepared for the 40 mph gusts on the coast. As I was taking this Panorama, My tripod almost fell over into the ocean due to the wind. Luckily Liz was there to save it. You need to click the picture to see the whole panorama on flickr.

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While driving to Virginia for Steve’s Wedding, Liz and I stopped at a few places along the way. One of those places was Arlington National Cemetery. This was one of the pictures Liz took. She was experimenting with the 50mm Macro Lens at F2.8 which produced the photo above.

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Back in the old days of gun fighting, before rifled barrels, soldiers would line up in a formation that would send lead balls down the battlefield in groups. If they all shot at once it would be like a makeshift shotgun scattering bullets in all directions hoping once makes contact. Crazy how far technology progress and how fast. And no just in computers and electronics. Modern snipers can hit a target over a mile away while Civil War soldiers couldn’t hit someone a few hundred feet away.

Standard HDR with Photomatix for tone mapping and Photoshop for touchups.