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Snowboard Fail

In front of my house there is an elementary school that is on a slight hill.  Well, during winter break Endi and I decided to build a jump and practice 180s and try to learn a 360. The picture above sums up how the day went. We had a lot of fun and the jump came out pretty good actually. We each landed a few tricks but didn’t really learn anything new. The weather was very nice that day though so we did get to snowboard in T-Shirts.

To achieve the effect above I used a tripod mounted camera set on continuous shoot. I used a wireless remote to trigger the shutter so there was no camera movement from one picture to the next. This along with the tripod ensured the background would remain the same in all the pictures. I then brought them all into Photoshop into separate layers and with a little bit of layer masking was able to achieve the result above.

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Boats on the Charles

One day Rob and I decided we would ride our bikes around Boston to take pictures. I’m not sure what the exact point of the bike ride was but I remember strapping my camera bag to my bike rack and riding around to take pictures. We did some panoramas of the skyline and looking across the Charles. Eventually it became night and I started experimenting with long exposure shots. This is a shot from the hatch shell looking over the Charles to Cambridge. I believe the boats are Harvard’s or MIT’s sailing team boats.

This picture was achieved by taking 3 exposures of the image at -2, 0, +2 with the zero exposure being around 20 seconds. I then used photomatix to combine the photos into a tone-mapped HDR image and put in the finishing touches with Photoshop.

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Texas 1st

This was the Texas 1st Infantry reenactment from the civil war in Gettysburg, PA. I don’t know why they called themselves that but anyway. Klaus and I had spent the night in Gettysburg during mini road trip 2009 and the next day went to look through the grounds of Gettysburg.  As we were driving we saw this theater looking cement structure so we pulled in to investigate. As we were looking a couple of SUVs puled in and men dressed in civil war gear started pouring out. Turns out they volunteers were doing a reenactment for the next hour. Pretty lucky being at the right place at the right time. Since we were the only tourists there at that point we took some pictures with the crew and asked them a few questions. This was the formation they took while the enemy was charging through the fields. Since muskets are not accurate having a group shooting at the same place ensured that at least one round would hit.

This picture was achieved by using Photomatix on a single Raw file to achieve the HDR look. Then Photoshop was used for the finishing touches.

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Rockport Quarry

For valentines day Liz and I took a trip to Rockport, Massachusetts. Turns out that it is right on the edge of the ocean and has a man made quarry that was completely frozen over. The ice was thick. The building you see in the distance is the informations center and bathroom. The bathrooms were pretty scary it looked like a normal toilet but instead of flushing it was a really deep dark hole. It was mix between modern bathrooms and outhouse.

The picture is done using the HDR technique and was done with 3 exposures to achieve the lighting.

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Hot Rod OOB

This was the first major stop of Mini Road Trip 2009 that Klaus Kristo and I did. It was a trucking museum in the middle of nowhere Connecticut and since Klaus was driving I had no control over where we went. His uncle in Florida is a trucker which is why we stopped. Luckily we were able to sneak into the museum for free and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. After this we were of to our next destination, but not without visiting the gift shop first.

The photo is done using a variety of editing techniques. First I created and HDR image of the photo. Then with a B&W and Color layer I used Photoshop masking to achieve the final result. The technique is called OOB (Out of Bounds).